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The Silver Bullet

This design for an electric-powered car was my submission to the League of Retired Automobile Designers' show at the Studebaker National Museum last year.

Studebaker Silver Bullet

The design is based on a pastel rendering my father did in 1948.

--Virgil M. Exner, 1948Details and specifications are included in the drawing below. Click to enlarge

Silver Bullet layout and specifications--Virgil M. Exner, Jr.


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Thats Pretty Neat.

...eek!..your greenhouse teardrop is backwards!.. design, nonetheless: it's always interesting to see fifties designs rendered in modern aesthetic sensibilities, and i'd call this a reasonably successful transformation...what do you envision the tailfins ventilating - battery coolers?..

The real question is, can you fit two sets of golf clubs in it. . . .

People Who Drive Electric Cars Dont Play Golf.


actually, most of the time one is "playing golf" they are really riding around in a little electric car!

Not Off The Course, Of Course

Price and availability? Put me on the waiting list! :-)

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