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The 2011 Nashville British Car Club Show

083 052It's déjà vu all over again... 366 days have elapsed, but the time passed feels like it's been about an hour. Even the weather is the same as last year--sunny and 82 degrees.

I'm back at the Parthenon in Nashville to see the 2011 Nashville British Car Club Show, and I'm even looking at some of the same cars from 2010.

You may remember last year's 2010 Nashville British Car Club Show also here on Car Lust. The biggest difference between these two classic car shows was that there seemed to be a lot more cars last year. Or, were these entries just spread farther apart? Either way, there was plenty of room to roam between these amazingly preserved automotive specimens from the British Empire.

091Security was tighter this year, as witnessed by the "bobby" here on the left. Try as I might to wander his attention, he never flinched a muscle, just like the guards at Buckingham Palace. I was amazed at his constant composure.

Also in his car were period-correct British police weapons and restraints to corner the culprits. If you didn't stop when he blew his whistle, he might have to pull out his club and shake it at you. Or ring the bell in front of the grille.

And if that doesn't work, he can always shout, "Halt, in the name of the law!" Loyal Her Majesty The Queen's subjects would rightly obey, then he could whip out the Darbies.

The variety of vehicles in this year's show was remarkable, all the way from tiny roadsters to sporty saloons. So let's have some tea, maybe order some crumpets, and enjoy a few vintage (And a couple of new) vehicles and images from the United Kingdom:



First off, I neglected the Triumphs last year, so here's a few to make up. This 1974 TR6 was in such superb condition that it warrants more than one photograph.

025 024













The TR6 was more of an "Aqua" than British Racing Green, and was still magnificent.


This '79 Spitfire 1500 is one of the nicest I've ever seen.


While we're on the subject of Triumphs, this red 1973 Stag just can't go unnoticed.


This Austin-Healey photographs well in the warm Autumn sun.


Not one, but TWO Jensen-Healey roadsters!


TreVoR Wilkinson would be proud of this 1978 TVR S3000.


Returning from last year, a red 1986 TVR 280i.


Not quite 007's car, but this 1997 Lotus Esprit almost came home with me.


A 1974 Europa. I always thought these looked somewhat like pickup trucks.


Precursor to the Audi A8, here's a 1962 Auto Union SP.


I think the business end of the SP is its most interesting design feature. The tail fins were certainly done in the right era.


The 1961 Simca Aronde Plein Ciel. OK, I can't pronounce that either. But "Plein Ciel" means "Full Sky" in reference to the car's large window area.















The 1998 Renault Spider was a hit. Hey, hold on a minute... since when are French and German cars allowed at a British car show?! Just kidding. Thanks to the Lane Motor Museum here in Nashville for bringing them.


Sitting all by its lonesome was a spotless 1961 Nash Metropolitan.


This Riley Lynx was one of just 175 made in 1937.


A 1935 Morris Eight Pre Series. And who says British cars don't last?


Winning the "Most Stripped-Down Car Award" ...wait, that was last year. But who would not recognize a 1960 MGA chassis. And yes, it was fully driveable. And, who wouldn't want to craft their own body for this?!


I just had to show the aft end of the car.


This MGB was as good as they get.


I've wanted an image like this for a while to show the similarities between a Bug Eye Sprite and an MG Midget. If one looks at the lower fender/rocker panel area, you can see the same curve on both cars... if the glare from the red paint doesn't blind you.


This is the first 1995 model MGF I've been able to get this close to. It's the same type of car used by Richard Hammond to make his limousine from.


Bowing gracefully, this proper British Racing Green E-Type Jaguar was magnificent.

A small admission here. I reversed the image so that the "JAGUAR" flag would be showing properly; this is not a right-hand-drive car. 


Here, kitty, kitty! They could have even left the keys in the ignition with these felines guarding the car. This 1971 E-Type FHC may have also had a tiger in the tank.


Somebody brought two new Jaguars to the show. I hope in 30 years or so, this XK and XF will return with light patina and many happy stories.


I was also here in Centennial Park recently at the 2011 FIAT "FreakOut". It seems the international flavour of the Parthenon attracts cars and car club members from around the world. I'm surprised the French and Germans haven't displayed here yet. And I'm sure the Japanese would be most welcome here too.

Well, that's the gist of things at this car show. Thanks again to the folks at the Nashville British Car Club for putting the display on, and hopefully we'll see you here next year as well.


--That Car Guy (Chuck)

Image Credits: It was fun crawling all over the place trying to get nice angles of these cars.


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Amazing All Those BL Cars Arrived Under There Own Power.

Her Majesty is most impressed with the E-type Jaguar in proper British colours.

Interesting to see the E-type coupe could open the rear glass. I'd always assumed it was a fixed window. Great pictures, I am not too far from Nashville so I'll have to keep abreast of when the 2012 show is - it looks like it's worth the trip

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