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Old Fords Week: a Car Lust Retrospective

To conclude Old Fords Week, here is a listing of every old (pre-1990) Ford (Lincoln, Mercury, and Edsel) post we've posted to date, arranged in ascending order by the date the car was produced. Enjoy!

Model T

Ford Model T (1908-27)

Great Cars of Song: Hot Rod Lincoln (about a hot rod built with components from a 1930 Ford Model A and a 1948 Lincoln)

Our Cars--1937 Ford V-8 Business Coupe

1937 Lincoln Model K

1949 Ford

1957 Fairlane Victoria 1949-51 Mercury Eight

Our Cars--1953 Ford 2-Door Sedan

1956-57 Continental Mark II

"Breezeway" Mercurys (1957-66)

Ford Ranchero/Chevy El Camino (1957-79)

1958 Edsel

America's Ford Falcon (1960-70)

Adventures of a Ford Fairlane (c. 1963)

Mercury Marauder (1963-70)

Our Cars--1964 Ford Galaxy 500 Country Squire Wagon

Our Cars--Uncle Bob's Thunderbird (1964)

Flair Bird 1966-1967 Mercury Comet

1966-77 Ford Bronco and Bronco II

Ford Mustang Boss 302 (1967-70)

Four-Door Thunderbirds (1967-71)

1968 Mercury Cyclone 428 Cobra Jet

The Cars of "Five-O" (1968 & 1974 Mercury sedans)

Ford Maverick Grabber (1969-1977)

1969 Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine by Lehmann-Peterson

Ford Pinto/Mercury Bobcat (1971-80)

Ford Gran Torino (1972-76)

Ford Capri (c. 1973)

Gen-1 Mustang, Put-In-Bay 2009 Our cars--1973 Ford Torino Wagon

The Kids Are All Right (c. 1974 Ford Maverick)

Ford/Mercury Capri II (1974-78)

The Land Yacht Mothball Fleet (1974-81 Lincolns)

The Starsky Torino (1975)

Ford Granada (1975-82)

Ford Mustang II Cobra II (c.1976)

Our Cars--1976 Ford LTD

Ford Ranger (1976-present)

1977-1980 Lincoln Versailles

Lincoln Continental Mk. V (1977-79)

Harry Potter's Ford Anglia Ford Fiesta (1978)

1978 Ford Mustang II

Ford Fairmont (1978-83)

Our Cars--1978 Ford Fairmont

Fire-Breathing Fairmont (c. 1978)

Our Cars--1978 Mercury Marquis Brougham Sedan

Our Cars--1980 Ford Courier

Mercury Lynx (1981-87)

Great Commercials--"The world belongs . . . to Lynx" (c. 1981)

Ford EXP (1982-85)

1983-1988 Ford Taurus

Mustangs at the Medina car show, 2008 Ford Tempo (1984-94)

1984-86 Ford Mustang SVO

Merkur XR4Ti (1984)

Lincoln Mk. VII LSC (1984-92)

Ford RS200 (1985)

Our Cars--1988 Ford Mustang LX 5.0

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home--Ford Probe (1988)

Ford Taurus SHO (1989)

Honorable mention: De Tomaso Pantera (powered by a Ford engine, sold by Lincoln-Mercury dealers 1971-75)


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Wow, that's quite a lust list!

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