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A Quick Administrative Note

If I can make a post that isn't about cars for a moment, I just want to give everybody a heads-up about changes behind the scenes at Car Lust.

The first change is that I've received a new job here at Amazon--I'm still with the Auto Parts & Accessories team, but my responsibilities have changed. As a result, day-to-day editorial management will move from me to our site editor team of Lisa Skow and Jon Dale. Of the two, you'll probably hear from Jon a bit more, as he'll be doing more of the day-to-day stuff. I'll still be around as a sort of editor emeritus--posting when I have the combination of time, opportunity, and motivation.

It would be easy to get freaked out about this, but please don't. First of all, the change makes perfect logical sense--I started the blog when I was a site editor, all of the other Amazon blogs are run by site editors, and so it's easy to argue this should have happened some time ago. For another, our excellent team of contributors is still here and is not going anwhere. And finally, I'm not going away--and in fact in the long term I'm hoping that being freed from the responsibility of writing, managing posts, and moderating comments, that I'll actually write more. As I'm sure you've all been aware, over the last year or two I just haven't had the time to generate content in the same quantity, and I've felt really guilty for the neglect. This is essentially giving Car Lust the day-to-day management it deserves and hopefully keeping the content coming more consistently than I was able to do.

The second major change is related to the fact that I fractured my tibia in two places while skiing over President's Day weekend. I've worked the last two weeks at home, but I've finally had surgery and need to take some leave to concentrate on healing and rehab. This means all of the changes I've described above will be a bit more dramatic while I'm on leave, which will be anywhere from 2-8 weeks (my doctor's maddeningly broad range for my return). This means that Project AMC will be paused while I'm out as well.

So please be patient as we try to keep things together and moving forward here on the Good Ship Car Lust--our typical 5-degree list and meandering course may worsen slightly for a while, but the long-term prognosis is good.

--Chris H.


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So, does this mean we're finally going to be under adult supervision? :-)

In all seriousness, get well soon, Chris.

THIS JUST IN! Exclusive footage of Chris' tragic accident!

/\ That Sir Was Hilarious.Get Well Chris, All The Guys In The Garage Are Pullin For Ya!

Hope you're better soon.

PS. Where's Nader when you need him?
Skiing is air bags, no ABS, to third brake light, no illuminated defroster controls...and your "crumple zone" is your nose. Yikes!

Broken in two places! I HATE when that happens!

I'll be praying for an easy convalescence and the patience needed. I'm going to have a knee replaced in a couple of weeks and I hear the post-op patience is much needed. We'll all be looking for more from your keyboard. You have done a great thing with this site. Best wishes for everything to turn out well.

Hey - Famous session drummer Brian McCloud ALSO broke his leg over Presidents day week-end. I've never seen you both in the same room...


Thanks, everybody! I'm back, but trying to dig myself out of the pile of work ...

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