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Jan. 17 Weekly Open Thread

Apologies for the content blackout last week, everybody--I had a last-minute trip come up which disrupted my content schedule but that allowed me to come face-to-face with a ZL1 Camaro, a Yenko Chevelle, a couple of Ferrari Daytonas, and a Ferrari 275 GTB Spider. So that was fun.

We'll get back on track with Project AMC this week, but I wanted to give you a place for other, non-AMC-time-traveling conversation.

I do have a few notes on interesting things for sale:

- There is a 1986 Saab SPG for sale in Colorado; its owner reached out to me after reading my post fawning all over SPGs and it took me a week to finally decide that I can't swing a third lustable car in my fleet. It is located in Colorado, looks to be in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition, and has 208K miles on it. It is listed for $2,500, which seems like a screaming deal. I'd like to see this one go to a good owner, so please drop me a line if you're interested and I'll connect you with the seller.


Bring a Trailer has something slightly less conventional but even cooler for sale--the entire Honda Proving Center complex in Bakersfield, Calif., is for sale. If you have the budget, you could own a 7.5-mile oval, a 4.5-mile winding road, and a variety of other test surfaces and off-road areas. I can't think of a better place for a Car Lust get-together.



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Of course, if you bought the Saab AND the Proving Center, you'd have a real good day!

...but that would mean we'd have to relocate the Car Lust Global Operations Center to Bakersfield.

At least it would be WARM.

Trust me, Anthony - it's not worth it.

I don't know that the 86 Saab SPG with 208K on the odometer is not worth it. I put 250,000 miles on a 1984 16 valve 900 Turbo before turning it over to my daughter, who put an additional 115,000 on it before it died. (Having a good independent Saab mechanic readily available helped a lot). Along the way I put two electronic "brains" in the car. Taken care of, Saabs will go a long , long way.

LOVE that year/model SAAB, my sister owned one in baby blue. She loved it! Some punks in So Cal took a baseball bat to EVERY window in the car, the glass was all so expensive to replace and clean out of all the defrost vents, seats, etc. . . that the insurance company totalled the car! It was such a pretty car and had so much personality! Stinking PUNKS!

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