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Jan. 10 Weekly Open Thread

As always, this is the place for random conversation. We're going to be having a rather bizarre theme this week - which I'd describe, but I'm not even sure how to do so in less than a full post. So, this is the place if you want to talk about things that are slightly more typical.

One suggested topic - a few of us at work are taking part in a Forza racing league to help work out our frustrated racer fantasies. For me, it's more about putting some of my long-time dream cars into my virtual garage--once I purchased my virtual Saab 99 Turbo I was in heaven. Does anybody else play racing games?

Another suggested topic - this Dodge Ram Van snowcat currently being featured at Bring a Trailer may just be my favorite used-car listing I have ever seen in my life. This thing is so, so awesome.

Also, Jalopnik put up a Group B video today--we are huge Group B fans here at Car Lust and try to find every possible opportunity to put up Group B videos, so we'd like to follow suit. Great idea, Jalopnik!

--Chris H.


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That VanKat ROCKS!

We had about 4 inches of snow last night. And even though that van might be a bit of... um... overkill, imagine what it would look like to pull up to the grocery store in that thing!

That reminds me of a far tamer "Van Charger" I used to see in town, a 4x4 Dodge van conversion kinda like this:

I used to think my '90 Legacy was pretty badass in snow.

What was I thinking?

We could have used that thing around here a couple of weeks ago!

At about 1:50 in the vid there's a little girl with a Snoopy doll she turns his head as the cars go by so he can watch too. pretty funny.

I'm just stunned that the post directly above this one on BaT didn't send Mr. Hafner into a wild frenzy, unable to post this vehicle.

what about a porsche, a bmw or a ferrari with wheels that of a tank?

I didn't notice the snoopy doll the first time I watched (must have blinked!)too funny!

Hey troy, polish your Russian if you want, as you've described, something like these:

And, while we're on topic, check out the baddest non-Suzuki Hayabusa-powered Smart car!!!

I used to frequent the arcades to played Initial D Arcade Stage vers. 1-3 (in Japan they're up to ver.5!) and Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune ver. 1-3.

My favorite racing games used to be Lego Racers. I'm not so wild about racing sims, but I loved to play "Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2" and "Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed". After about 8 years, my sister reinstalled it for my cousin, I also started playing it and was finally able to finish it (!!) as I couldn't before because it kept freezing in the same level.

I love how the vancat is showing up on all the automotive blogs right now. It's so awesome. Everyone loves it.

Regarding the behavior of some of the spectators in the Group B video, that's not motorsports, that's gasoline-powered Russian roulette!

As cool as the van-cat is I want one of the originals

I Believe I Just Saw My Favorite Rally Car @ 1:23. Nissan 240RS

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