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Oct. 11 Weekly Open Thread

As always, this is the place for the random, off-topic discussion that doesn't really belong anywhere else.

I just want to remind everybody that we'll have an Our Cars week upcoming. From my announcement last week:


I'm delighted to announce that we'll be holding another Our Cars event in the next few weeks and are now accepting reader submissions. For those unfamiliar with this somewhat awkwardly named feature, the Our Cars feature is our semi-regular reader-powered feature, in which readers are invited to share the stories about their own cars that they have loved and despised over the years. Car Lust's contributors will likely chime in as well, but this is really about readers sharing their stories.

It's also worth mentioning that virtually all of our Car Lust contributors began their career with this blog by contributing Our Cars posts. If any of you are interested in contributing to this blog, Our Cars is the way to start.

So, if you're interested in participating, here are some suggested steps and guidelines:

  • Choose a car (or, I suppose, multiple cars) with which you actually have some personal experience. Ideally, this would be a car that you personally owned, but it's possible to put together a great Our Cars post on a car that you drove regularly--like a friend's car, a company car, or a parent's car.
  • Tell the story of why you found that car interesting; the more the car interests you, the more it will likely interest the rest of us.
  • Don't feel bad if the car you'd like to write about isn't a supercar; most of us find everyday cars as interesting, or potentially even more interesting, than exotic hardware.
  • Include some pictures to help us follow the story and appreciate your car. Ideally, they would be pictures of your actual car, bu representative images are fine as long as you credit the source.
  • E-mail your piece to me at the e-mail link in the right column.
  • If you're looking for some good examples, read this, this, and this. Or, simply browse through all of our Our Cars posts; the farther back you go into the archives, the more reader-submitted posts you'll see.

--Chris H.


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On my way to and from a McD's today I saw a late '70s Civic wagon, a Camaro SS (late '60s), and two mildly hot rodded Impalas. I love my neighborhood.

I also had to enlist the services of Best Buy to install rear speakers in the Civic. Seems it's very involved, what with removing the rear deck and pillar covers and such. I did the door speakers, but these were beyond me. That's one nice thing about old cars. . . .

Not too long ago I finally saw my first Subaru Justy. That thing's smaller than a Suzuki Forsa/Chevrolet Sprint! And the door panels only covered part of interior, so you had metal as part of the interior decor (at least in this one)!!

On the other hand, I stumbled upon the Police's newest weapon:
2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 highway patrol unit.
It was still being prepped, but the push bars and some of the radios were already installed. It was cool because it still had he stock paint and a label that blocked and said to not open the passenger door.

my interior is cracking on the upper door panels of the Sprint Turbo. I would prefer no vinyl so it was not an issue :) The 1st Gen Justy was a cutey. They seemed dated even in 87.

Some of those little Justy cars had 4WD there are a couple kicking around here but most rusted out long ago

I have had a few cars in my time but the most memorable one was an Old Mini 850. Cost me £200 and i did over 15000 miles in it. had the normal mini problems..rust, rear subframe failure, numerous leaks too ! I had to drill holes in the floor to let the water out :)

Can it be Used Car Challenge time again? I've already got my winner picked out:

1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold - $3500

I'm sure it's long since sold already, but I am still tempted to email the seller and just ask for any more pics he has of it. That interior...the steering what? I'll clean up that drool in a minute. So what if it has a v6 with the same displacement as a Subaru 4-cylinder? So what if the "Small amount of rust about 3 spots nothing serious" will probably consume the entire car within a month of buying it? So what if there isn't a single mechanic for 300 miles that is familiar with Alfa Romeos? It's red, Italian, and gorgeous! I WANT IT!

...of course, we don't have $3500, and I don't like the idea of my wife killing me even if we did. Still though, guy can dream, right?

Interesting that you mentioned that, Tommy's Dad - on the commute in this morning I saw a red Milano V-6 in what looked like excellent shape, and it distracted me so violently that I almost wrecked. I've always loved Milanos and this inspired me to begin a post on them.

After reading your comment, I'm now wondering if it's the same car - though it was commuting into Seattle from the South, which is not what I would expect given the car's location. But I'd be shocked if there were two such perfect identical Milanos in the Seattle area.

Oh, and I love the way "True Italian Hotness" is listed as a vehicle attribute here:

2.5L V6 engine
True Italian Hotness

92,600 miles on the chassis
72,000 on Engine
Engine was completely torn down and all seals and gaskets replaced by Group 2 in Seattle just a few months ago.
Custom Exhaust, which sounds perfect on the car.
Title clear and in hand

Sighting of the week: westbound on I-76 last evening, a mid-60s Fairlane 500 sleeper (bone stock appearance, decidedly un-stock dual exhausts) on a trailer in convoy with a mid-60s Mercury Cyclone dragster (roll cage, clearly not street legal) on a trailer.

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