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Great Commercials--"Joyride Dream"

Submitted for your consideration, my wife's all-time favorite car commercial. Its official title is "Joyride Dream," and the soundtrack is the James Brown-esque "How You Like Me Now?" by The Heavy.

The commercial pitches the Kia Sorento, a mid-sized crossover, and is intended to appeal to young parents. In an interview quoted at the "Inspiration Room" advertising blog, the creative director of the ad agency said, "We found the idea and our cast of characters sitting in the back of our cars. The idea was quite literally staring us in the face."

So who are these characters? They're toys, such as the children of young parents might have. The big red whatever-the-hell-you-call-something-that-looks-like-that is the character "Muno" from the Nick Jr. series Yo Gabba Gabba. The others are a robot, a teddy bear, a "Sock Monkey," and someone called "Mr X" who looks like Cousin Itt with a suntan. We see our five protagonists on an extended recreational road trip, engaging in extreme sports, taking mechanical bull rides, romancing shapely girls in the hot tub, and committing other assorted acts of hoonery on their way to Vegas, baby! Some highlights:

0:01 -- I love the composition of the opening shot, with Muno's eye and the matching bowling ball.

0:20 -- Cousin Itt Mr. X making a snow angel.

0:26 -- You can't help but chuckle at Sock Monkey's embroidered "tattoo."

0:29 -- Sock Monkey pushes the Sorento to the limit, catching air at the crest of a hill.

0:36 -- Our heroes get a slow-motion power walk at the entrance to the casino.

0:40 -- Who better to dance the "Robot" with than an actual robot?

0:46 -- And now for the punchline: it was all just a dream . . .

0:53 -- . . . or was it?

Except for a barely-perceptible MPG statistic at the very end, this commercial contains no hard information about the actual car, just a few beauty shots . . . and some catchy music . . . and hilarious visuals . . . and characters who develop a remarkable depth of personality considering you only see them for less than a minute. In other words, it may not be a rational argument for the Sorrento, but it sure is a wonderful one.

If Kia's really smart, they'll start equipping every new Sorento with an accessory sock monkey . . . with a tattoo.

--Cookie the Dog's Owner


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I can dig it.

The Heavy did an encore on David Letterman a few weeks after the commercial debuted:

Good stuff.

Great ad-love to catch it when it airs.

The GI-Joe/Barbie Nissan commercial was always one of my favorites:

I love this commercial! I hope they carry it over to the upcoming 2011 Kia Optima and I hope they use your idea of giving a free sock monkey with that car since I'm looking at getting it heh.

The best ever car commercial was "Milky Way," the 1999 Volkswagen commercial using Nick Drake's "Pink Moon," with young people driving a VW Cabrio at night.

I can't recall any commercial in any other era or subject matter that better embodied "cool," for that particular moment.

There was one a while ago that showed an empty parking spot between two cars on a street, all is quiet and then a car comes barreling in, slams the brakes and screeches sideways perfectly into the spot and then something like "For people who know how to parallel park" or something like that. It was a slam at Lexus and their automatic parallel parking thingie.

This is a great commercial, which makes the ads for the Kia Soul (the car that rats drive) all the more inexplicable, especially if it was done by the same ad agency. What on Earth were they thinking?

"If Kia's really smart, they'll start equipping every new Sorento with an accessory sock monkey . . . with a tattoo."

If I buy the corvette does it come with the red jacket?

No wonder that monkey's grin looks like it's knitted on.

It's a classic commercial.

I really like the Lincoln commercials with Cat Power covering Space Oddity (I can't believe she didn't do a full version of it.) and Shiny Toy Guns performing Major Tom (Coming Home).

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