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Design a New Studebaker!

The Studebaker National Museum has begun accepting entries for its 2010 "Design a New Studebaker" contest. The object of the contest is to design a Studebaker for the twenty-first century. There will be a winner in each of four age categories: 11 and under, 12-16, 17-20, and 21 and over.

Entries are due by Oct. 22, 2010, and may be submitted by mail or e-mail. The winner will be announced at a reception on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010.

Car Lust contributor and retired automotive designer Virgil Exner, Jr. is one of the judges of the contest.  Mr. Exner is also a member of the "League of Retired Automotive Designers," a group of more than 60 industrial design professionals who still design cars for fun, and have a sort of friendly competition among themselves each year. This year, the League's members are designing some new Studebakers of their own, and while they're not entering them in the contest, their designs will go on display at the Museum beginning Nov. 12.

I would encourage all of you to get out your pencils, crayons, and paintbrushes, or fire up Paint or Photoshop or your favorite CAD software, and work up an entry. It's fun to imagine what Studebaker might be up to if it were still in the car business.

For official contest rules and more information, visit the Museum's website or contact them by e-mail.

--Cookie the Dog's Owner


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Photoshop I don't have, but crayons I do. :)

I've always kind of wanted to do stuff like this, but a complete lack of drawing ability has been a bit of an impediment.

Seriously. They don't even let me draw pottery sherds in the field because it takes me 45 minutes to do one and they always end up looking like ashtrays.

Lack of drawing skill? Didn't stop me from entering last year. (It's called "tracing paper," people, and it works!)

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