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Gasoline and Ice Cream

It's Wednesday, and it's sunny outside, mild and pleasant. Let's go to the cruise-in at the Dairy Queen tonight after supper for a little ice cream with our gasoline. 

Wonder what we'll see this week.

Probably will be a few "shoebox" Chevys.

How about Mustangs? Think we might see some Mustangs?


Oh, yeah, we've got plenty of Mustangs. A whole herd of pony cars.

Mopars?  Got a few of those, too.

There seems to be a run on Chevy IIs and Chevelles tonight.

It really wouldn't be a cruise-in without a few "traditional"-style hot rods.

I'm not sure what the deal is with the giant plastic insects on the grille. The owner of the '37 Ford said it was his grandson's idea--but the flame-jobbed panel truck had one too. Mere coincidence, or are grille bugs the new fuzzy dice?

What else do we have? Camaros, old-school...

...and new.

The inscription on the 2010's mirror really sets it off.

There's a Goat. Gotta have at least one Goat at a cruise-in.

We've also got a Trans-Am...

...and a 'Vette or three...

...and a few other odds and ends..

...and what might be called comic relief.

I remember this '59 Belvedere from last summer. It used to be black. The new color really suits it.

Fifty years old, and it still looks like the car of the future.

This '62 Bel-Air with a 409 is another frequent visitor.

One thing that always impresses me is how clean the engine bays are in many of these cars.

Amid all the high-output high-testosterone iron, there's this soft-sprung, lumbering, mid-70s land barge. Clean, pristine, lovingly-restored, with "classic" disco-era vinyl roof and interior. It's probably in better shape than the day it left the factory--all the screws are tight and the panels all line up properly!

Why put so much effort into restoring a car like this? It's gotta be the love.

That's what cruise-in night is really all about. The irrational emotion we feel for our rides, and the friendships and fellowships we develop when we share that affection with others.

Well, that and the ice cream.

--Cookie the Dog's Owner


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Nice cruise-in/auto show! I see Christine made it. Love the '75 or '76 Mustang II! I wish my town had anything but rented Lexuses, Hummers, and 16-year-olds driving brand new Camaros.

Ewww, fender skirts on a Volkswagen. In fact, fender skirts on anything :{ .

I'm loving that light yellow wagon! nice !!!

I liked the cream colored Thrashwell Snailby Super Stovebolt the best . . .

Nice Post! My wife and I returned from Reno, Nevada last week where we took in their annual Hot August Nites. Great old cars all over the place. Lots of the usual suspects: Camaros, Mustangs, 'Vettes, hot rods (lots of hot rods), custom cars and some very nice make overs. Saw a number of '50s large cars with disc brakes where you know there is a lot more to those fine old cars than meets the eye. We do enjoy our local cruise-ins also.

...somebody tried to take my lotus engine cover at last week's local cruise night here in san antonio - thankfully they didn't finish removing it before outside attention must have scared them away, although i lost one retaining screw in the process, so for the time being it's left swinging askew...

...between that and a street racer attempting to engage me before dropping a large piece of bodywork into the front of my car on the drive home, i think i'm done with open-format evening events for the near's unfortunate, because they draw really interesting and enthusiastic large turnouts, but at least the more exotic/sportscar focused morning events seem to deter sophomoric antics...

So with which Lotus are you afflicted?
Mine is a '72 Elan Sprint DHC


...ah, nothing so tempermental yet...i drive an aught-five federal elise (it's in car lust's banner picture archive), but i fear my next aquisition will afflict me with a classic europa...

...i really enjoy the variety we draw at the big open cruise nights here - last weekend i saw both a massive twin-turbocharged low-riding semi tractor and an immaculately restored MG Td, with the full gamut represented between the two...granted, there's a very strong bias toward american iron and import-tuner crowds by comparison to the cars-and-coffee styled events, but it's no less interesting a spectrum...

...probably my most interesting sighting last weekend was a well-kept studebaker with an oil bath air intake: the first time i'd ever seen (and been educated about) such a clever alternative to disposable air filters...

Sadly, it will be harder than ever to keep these type of cars on the road due to "cash for clunkers".

GAWD I love that era Eldorado. If you don't look at the ultra-cheesey plastic GM was using in its interiors during that era it looks like sculpture. Too bad no '69-'71 Lincoln Mark IIIs (my other major lust besides the Eldosaurus).

Oooh, I love that Cadillac. Nice gargantuan Mustang, too.

john b: "Sadly, it will be harder than ever to keep these type of cars on the road due to "cash for clunkers"."

I'm not so worried about these specific cars, because they're too old to be eligible. It's the following generation of cars that I'm worried about - the ones we'll be wanting to see in car shows in the next 10-15 years.

Here's my personal "Lottery" car, that is, what I'd buy if I scored the Powerball. Sinatra's New Jersey Cadillac

Love the Eldo from the decade of "Butternut" paintjobs.

My uncle had a dark blue one, '75 I think. Back in '79-'80, I always was trying to borrow my uncle's car whenever I had a date. Showing up in an Eldo was impressive enough, and as a nice added plus, the back seat was comfy and secluded....

Did that a week ago, and almost wrecked my 64 Galaxie XL500 trying to avoid some whitetail on the way home!

Tagalong Blizzard went everywhere and I ended up in the ditch with a broken Tie Rod connector and a bent Tie Rod.

Venison will be awful tasty this fall...

Garrett, I lost my truck of 12 years to a deer... I know the feeling :( .

I think the 409 is a '61, not a '62.
Nice selection of cars!

I also like the clean engine compartments. One feature that appealed to me were the wire looms that neatly guided the plug wires to their respective plugs, but I heard that they pulled too much voltage from the plugs.
The make and models that I see too rarely at these gatherings are the Studebaker Hawks - Flight, Power, Sky, and Golden.

I have two Metropolitans, and while most think of them as comic relief, they were actually way ahead of their time. As for the comment about the ingenius oil bath air cleaner - the Metropolitan had it. My 1958 Met was restored mostly by me, sans paint and bodywork. The Met was designed in America by freelance designer William Flajole for Nash and built in Longbridge, England. Early models were powered by a 1200cc inline four, while the late models were powered by the A40, 1500cc. Mine, being 51 years old, still gets 35 mpg and will cruise the highways at 65 mph.

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