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Epic Fail Week

I hope everybody else is enjoying our "theme weeks" as much as I am. We started off with an ad-hoc Huge American Land Barge Week (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), balanced that out with Small Cars Week (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), and now we're hip-deep in Epic Fail Week--a celebration of cars that, for whatever reason, failed in miserable but highly entertaining fashion.

This is just a heads-up--if you've noticed particularly bad cars being featured lately, you're not imagining things.

--Chris H.


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I like this weekly theme thing. Can we do "Wacky domestic sport cars that were surprisingly capable, yet horribly built" next week? Like the Shelby CSX's, Dodge Spirit R/T, Ford SVO 'stangs, Dodge Neon ARCs, etc?

Will, I hate to be the one that points this out, but EVERY week is "wacky domestic sports cars that were surprisingly capable, yet horribly built" week at Car Lust. If we started writing about well written cars, people might actually show up and read this thing and we have policies against such behavior.

The thing is, you'll need more than a week to do justice to the various "epic fails" in the auto industry. Volumes have already been written about the subject, covering everything from exploding Ford Pintos to Yugos that depreciate BEFORE having been sold to the various vehicles like the Edsel and the Pontiac Aztek that were (or appear to have been) designed by committee. Distilling that down to five articles would be a major challenge, to say the least.

It really could be "Epic Fail Fortnight" or even "Epic Fail Month" I suppose.

Maybe it's an idea to do "Epic Fail Week" every month or two so the normal Car Lust penchant of unexpectability can be maintained.

While I find the term "Epic Fail" to be beneath the standards of this high quality blog, I love your content about these cars that were unloved when new and exciting to us now as we look at the world through Toyota Camry levels of automotive boredom. A while back, someone floated an idea for a "Concours d'Ignorance." Such an event would have celebrated the cars like the Citation and Cordoba in a mock tribute to Pebble Beach. I would have applauded and brought my bustleback Seville.

These cars may have been built to lower standards than previous efforts, but at least they were interesting.

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