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Ford Maverick Grabber

The Ford Maverick, a heavier and less sporting machine than the Ford Pinto on which it was based (a difficult concept to wrap one's head around), was a weak and flaccid family sedan, featuring the all-too-familiar 1970s bugaboos of a strangled engine, flexible and weak chassis, and garish styling.

However, the Grabber took the stink to epochal levels by applying the hip lingo of the day for performance cars (Grabber!) and slapping it and a performance package consisting entirely of tape and decals onto the cringing Maverick.

The result was the automotive equivalent of putting John Candy in track shorts--tight, mauve and gold polyester track shorts. The car didn't actually go any faster, but at least it was ugly.

I want one. Badly.

Thanks to for the photo of this timeless classic.

--Chris H.


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From the first sentance you're wrong "The Ford Maverick, a heavier and less sporting machine than the Ford Pinto on which it was based (a difficult concept to wrap one's head around)...."
Tt's difficult for anyone to wrap their head around the concept because it's not true!
The Maverick was more or less a reskinned version of the early Falcon/Mustang chassis, the Pinto was a totally diffent chassis. The only commonality was unit construction, front engine/real drive. The Pinto is a much smaller car using 4 cylinders engines (later small V6s). The Maverick used inline 170/200 6s (too long to fit in a Pinto BTW) and later 302 V8s, beginning in 1971.

I doubt you've ever driven a 302 71/72 Maverick Grabber or Comet GT. They were nice little muscle cars. Unfortunately Ford never made them to compete against the Duster/Demon 340 or the small block Nova SS. They wer more like a 318 Duster or 307 Nova. The Mavi/Comet 302 only came with 2 bbl/single exhaust. But the parts were readily available from the Ford Performance Book. "If only" they had made a BOSS 351 Maverick/Comet! ;-)

The Grabber was a respectable little car. I rather like the styling (two-door versions, anyway). I had a non-G '75 Maverick that eventually died of terminal rust and front suspension sicknesses. Tough car, never left me stalled and always gave warning signs of impending mechanical failure. And passengers always gave me strange looks when I shifted the "three on the tree" tranny.

Chris, the Pacer is a favorite but the Maverick is garish? Hmpf. Of course I'm partial since my first car was a blue 74 Maverick with a straight 6.

My biggest problem was that it ate starter motors. On the plus side, in under five minutes I could reach into that empty pre-emissions engine compartment and swap it out for the spare I kept in the trunk.

Zane--three on the tree for me too. KaCHUNK. Once I was shifting into 2nd and heard a terrible cracking sound. The metal on the shifter collar broke and I had the shifter lever flopping around in my hand. I don't miss the 70s but I sure would love to have my Maverick back, Aerosmith in the 8 track and a cooler of Schmidts on ice.

Like GarryW, my first care was a Maverick. A '70 with the 200 straight six. I used and abused it and it held up well. After a bad accident I found a grabber in the local junkyard that looked exactly like the one pictured. I took the whole front end (G-hood and all# and painted it a garish 70s metallic blue.

I echo the chassis comments. The Maverick was built on the Falcon/Mustang chassis. My Chiltons book was for all three, Maverick/Falcon/Mustang. You may be thinking of the '74-'78 Mustang II #I had one of those too) which was based on a Pinto chassis.

Garryw: "Chris, the Pacer is a favorite but the Maverick is garish? Hmpf. Of course I'm partial since my first car was a blue 74 Maverick with a straight 6."

I tend to go over-the-top when I'm trying to be funny. I actually do really like the Maverick as well as the Maverick - it's all part of my sickness.

Check out the photos I've taken of pretty Mavericks at local car shows:

One of them is titled "Beautiful Maverick" and it is - it's spectacularly stock. I'd rather see a perfect Maverick at a car show than the 5,793rd perfect 1963 Mustang.

By the way, I'm completely wrong about the Pinto chassis on the Maverick. Mea culpa, everybody.

wrong, the maverick was a great car and is growing in popularity among collectors i would know i own seven. 3 mavs 4 comets

"weak and flacid" please dont compare good cars to your own short comings pal!

Hello,where can i buy a Ford Maverick Grabber?And what would they cost?Does somebody know smoeone who wants to sell his Maverick?Thanks kenan

why you are calling this car little? This car was big, brute and fat.

hey I love a v8 maverick, I own several muscle cars including a 1970 ss 454 el camino built up to 515 hp, but guess what! I still love my maverick, its funner then hell to drive, has good power, and is just plain fun, and with the right equipment on the engine, you can have one hell of a fast car, they dont way nothing!! how do you make a car fast? put a V8 in a car that weighs on average 700 pounds less then most muscle cars, and what do ya have, thats right, a Ford Maverick.

if you want to see one bad maverick, contact Ryan at, and request some pictures of his, this is one bad mav.

I have always liked the V8 Mavs and Vegas. Fun little cars with light to moderate performance. The good thing about these cars is they can quickly be modified to become drag strip nightmares. In the 70s Mavericks ruled at the drag strip. They are very light cars with enough engine bay room to fit a small block v8. If you are willing to modifiy the shock towers you can fit headers or larger V8s.

I currently own a nice 72 Grabber with a 351/4 speed combo in it. the power to weight ratio is insane. I have not dyno'd the motor but my best guess is low 400s for HP. Its one responsive little muscle car.

As for the styling its not as beautiful as a 67 or 69 Mustang Fastback. Its not as tough looking as a 68 Charger and its not as burly as a 70 Chevelle. But it is a good looking body design that has lasted the test of time. Simple clean lines. A fastback rear end and understated good looks. it wont go down as the best looking car ever but it wont be put in a class with the AMC Matador either.

I have a 1972 maverick grabber for sale, can contact me at (850)251-1164, just needs little work like painting which is not bad, has new 302 motor under 3,000 miles, was made into a drag car, but it was'nt tubbed out or anytyhing like that. It does has the fuel cell and the switches in, has the slicks with the skinnys on the front, It is really a nice looking car.

If your sweet ride is for sale, tell me how much please.
Nice colors! Thanks.

Get your facts straight! You don't know what your talking about chump.

I have a 1973 maverick for sale, 2 door, 302, this car only has 28,000 ORIGINAL miles on it, still smells new inside. if you are truly interested call me at 309-582-5002.

Got to have it , what's the price.

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