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1968 Mercury Cyclone 428 Cobra Jet



When it comes to muscle cars, I'm not generally a Ford man--the major exception being the Mercury Cyclone 428 Cobra Jet.

The Cyclone Cobra Jet teases my imagination like no other FoMoCo muscle car. For starters, the Cylone Fastback has just the right look for a muscle car--obviously muscular without being too tastelessly overt. It's bluff and tough in front, but with sweeping, elegant flanks terminating in a tasteful rear fascia. The Cyclone was one of the early wave of slightly more aerodynamic muscle cars built to jockey for dominance in NASCAR--a philosophy that led to its ultimate expression in the form of a former Car Lust, the Plymouth Superbird.

Beneath the skin, the Cyclone looks even better. Many Ford engines of the time were simply outgunned by their GM or Mopar counterparts. While the typical 390 big block was a fine engine when considered on its own, it was too small and too tame to compete with the Hemi, 440 Six Pack, or the GM big blocks. Meanwhile, the ruffian of the family, the racing Ford 427, was too raw and uncivilized to allow for acceptable drivability on the road.

The Ford 428 Cobra Jet was the perfect answer. Big-hearted, torquey, and happy either purring along or in full snarl, the Cobra Jet was a world-class engine worthy of legendary status--not its current anonymity.

The Ford Torino and Mercury Cyclone were near-identical twins, but I chose the Cyclone here because it's more unique and, I think, more stylish. Either car in fastback trim, with the 428 Cobra Jet, were legendary but overlooked muscle cars with style and speed to burn.

This specific Cyclone has the 390, not the 428, but it still looks good. Kudos for the photo go to Carter's Classic Muscle Cars, which has a mouth-watering array of, well, classic muscle cars on offer.

--Chris H.


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that a nice car

That thing sounds fast

"The Gentlemen's Muscle Car" was the advertising slogan. My step-brother had a 1969 Mercury Cyclone GT, White with Red stripes. Unfortunatley, he came around a curve and was hit head on... The car didn't survive. Still one of my all time favorites!

James in Tulsa, OK

I had one. Not just the guys had muscle cars! Great car and would love to have it back. My Ex husband sold it while I was at work - I never forgave him.

The front end looks very much like 3rd gen Ford Cortina/Taunus



SEXY !!!!!

My 1965 poniact GTO will dust this car on the mile any day of the week

I have a 1968 cyclone "J" code 302 in Augusta Green and is the quickest, smoothest and most comfortable car of the era that I have owned or driven. Plus it gets 16MPG city and 20MPG highway. That is not bad for a restored to original late 60's muscle car...

Wow. "...pontiact GTO..."? Who races their "pontiact" for a mile anywho?

What a retard.

i'm glad you all share my love of muscle cars


nice car

My best friend has a '71 Cyclone 351 cleveland nasty cam balanced and blueprinted. It is bad to the bone. I'm helping him restore it with a parts car. I'm a cheby guy, as you can tell from my name, but this Ford is really sweet. He's a major cam head and is the secong owner.

the guy that said "My 1965 poniact GTO will dust this car on the mile any day of the week" is soooooooooooooooooooo dumb! shows you dont know anyting. the torino is a solid muscle car! and built right u can make 428ci cobra jet fast as any other muscle car. so CHUTA

This is my favorite car. I love Muscle cars & this one is my favorite.

ford sucks

My late husband had one of these back in the 80's, and it could blow the doors off of everything it came up against. To this day, everybody wonders what he had under the hood. Trust me, this Bad Boy is MEAN! In fact, it's image is on his headstone.

I got into a discussion with a guy about a car I used to own.. It was a 1968 Mercury Cyclone GT.. but it was not a fastback, it was a coupe with a vinyl top..... Am I nuts or what? He said "NO WAY" ..... they were all fastbacks........

Nice Cyclone. But the wheels are from a 1970-71 model (even though the riginal website that the pics came from states this car is ALL original, it's not.)

to Tom, yes, in 1968 Mercury offered the Cyclone in the formal roof hardtop version as well. But not in 69. In 69 you could order a plain-jane Comet Sport Coupe with the 428, but not with Cyclone designation. I have a Comet Sport Coupe with the 351.

i love this car

we had a 68 notch back not very common 390 hp 4 speed sweet ride. i have a picture of it on my face book to bad it got wrecked

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