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Corvette Summer Chevrolet Corvette Stingray b6cd67328118a68dcbbd10ed3d8ecc7cAn irrational fear that I have is that my future daughter (given the family’s track record, it’s gonna be a girl) will inherit her old man’s taste in vintage goodness. The thing is, vintage goodness for her will be stuff from the 2000s and 2010s, most of which I’ve cast aside, preferring to follow things from the latter part of the 20th century. It will be my duty to guide her through the good (Web 2.0, uhh… More Cowbell?), the bad (Web 2.0, reggaeton, Bay-formers, scripted reality TV, etc.) and the ugly (Web 2.0, famous-because-famous “celebrities”, Crocs, Venetian shade sunglasses, Lady Gaga’s influence in wardrobe). Yes, I’ll ty to see if she gets interested in some of the things her old man likes.

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Caption This

Smb4_13Apply 'The Hero We Need, Not the Hero We Deserve' quote here.




References: Mangafox

Carspotters' Challenge #178: Just Desserts

While making my General Lee post, I went through a number of clips. I wish I could share them all, but this one from 'The Great Santa Claus Chase' episode has some choice metal for sale in the background:


Which one of these beauties would you hazard a trip down to Hazzard for a test drive? Might wanna have 'em checked out by a reputable mechanic. I know one that might be crazy but he ain't dumb...




For more vintage TV action clips, go to TVSTUNTER UK's YouTube page.

The General Lee tumblr_mz3kaeLqQ31qje3ujo1_r1_1280

The General Lee in his natural habitat.

Picture this: a young kid is at home watching day-time TV during summer break. Then a commercial appears: an orange racecar without headlights and a pushbar flies across the air in various scenes. The kid is GLUED to the TV, trying to ID the car to no avail. Then it’s all over. Unlike other commercials, it never reappears. But the imagery is etched in the back of the kid’s subconscious, hoping that one day he’ll find more about it.

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Car Spotter's Challenge #177: Antique Car Show in Habersham

Well, we have a delightful assortment of antique cars and trucks today for our 177th Car Spotter's Challenge:

Car Spotter 6 3 16

See anything interesting?

(If you click the pic, it gets a bit larger and more clear.)

--That Car Guy (Chuck)

Image CreditHabershamSC.

Nissan NX (1991-1993)

Let's see... "The third time is a charm," or is it "Strike 3, you're out!"?

NX front

The final installment of this trilogy is Nissan's competition to their own Sentra SE-R. That's because there were basically two of these... the NX1600, which had 110 horsepower, and the NX2000, with the engine found in the SE-R. The SE-R, of course, had a trunk.

Gone is the "Pulsar" name. The NX2000 gets a "Hot Hatchback" rating over its predecessors because it outperformed them in both power and handling. It went from being "sporty" to a downright proper machine.

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What's Wrong With These Pictures?

Gotta love the Mazda3.

But something's just wrong here:


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May 30 Open Thread: Memorial Day and Tonight's The Night!

First and foremost, today is Memorial Day in the United States. Let's pause and appreciate the people that have sacrificed all for their and our Country.

Fullscreen capture 5292016 80741 PM.bmp

And after the parades, cook-outs, and fireworks, we have something else to look forward to tonight.

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Carspotters' Challenge #176: CarLust 1980s Starter Pack

We've been revisiting some 80s gems here at CarLust these last couple of weeks, and before we head into the '90s, it feels right to share this period artwork that I've had stashed in my hard drive for some time now.

Yes, they're neither that many nor that hard to figure out for our seasoned veterans, but for the novice CarLust carspotter, it couldn't be a more perfect exercise.


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Nissan Pulsar NX (1986-1990)

Pulsar NX front 88When the 1986 Taurus hit the market, it turned car styling on its head. Gone instantly were straight line creases and wedgie shapes. Curves were now in, and oh yeah, were they!

This second generation Pulsar NX followed the trend, and looked so much better with a reskin. It also offered more FUN things like T-Tops and a removable hatch panel that left flying buttresses for strength. With the hatch gone, a small canopy covered the trunk area so your stuff didn't get wet or stolen... hopefully.

It also kept some of the old car. Flip-up headlights, boxy tail lights, and from the side, you could see enough of the old car to know what this one was. Good job, Nissan!

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Car Spotters' Challenge #175: Got No Job, We Don't Care. Got No Money, We Don't Care. Don't Plan To Pay Us? THAT'S When We Care!

Thank you Art Fern, aka Johnny Carson, for those hilarious words (More or less). Your Tea Time Movies skits with the great Carol Wayne are both fondly remembered and sadly missed.

I think that skit was focusing on a used car dealer. And as you know, many used car dealers "Tote The Note" so you can buy there and pay there. Auto financing convenience at its best. Just don't miss a payment.

Totally unrelated, this fine auto sales establishment has many classic cars to pick from. Let's name some and take them home:

Used cars

I want that one!

--That Car Guy (Chuck)

Image Credit: We got this low mileage beauty at

Nissan Pulsar NX (1982-1986)

It was the early to mid 1980s, and everybody was having fun. But some of us Datsun Nissan fans couldn't afford a 280Z or 300ZX, yet we wanted a sporty ride. What to do, oh, what to do.

Pulsar 1Enter the first generation Pulsar NX into the American market in 1983. Its timing was superb, since the Sentra Sport Coupe was still a few years away, and a regular Nissan Sentra (2-Door, 4-Door, 5-Door Wagon, and 3-Door Hatchback) was for the sensible, not the sporty.

I nearly ordered one of these puppies (I worked at NMMC at the time), but since a 1984 Sport Truck was already in the stable, something more car-like and less fun was in order to replace that wretched Pontiac T100 that I just had to have at one time. So I took the sensible route and got a 1985 Sentra 4-Door XE with a 5-speed. This NX would have been more fun. And a lot more sporty.

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May 16 Weekly Open Thread: "I'm Mad As #*!! And I'm Not Going To Take It Any More!" least not without saying something about it.

I thought this pet peeve belonged just to me, but apparently there are quite a bunch of folks that hate this. And it's not often that one sees a disguised "colorful" metaphor in the title of a Car Lust post. But if there's one method of bad driving that gets my blood boiling... it's people that think they have no need to hold onto the steering wheel in their cars or trucks.

Wheel wrist

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Friday the 13th Carspotters' Challenge, #174

It's that dreaded day that comes around every few months. Triscaidekaphobia at its worst, the day you take extra time to not step on sidewalk cracks, walk under ladders, and keep that rabbit's foot ever so handy.

Of course we're talking Friday the 13th.

These folks had a bad day, but luckily everybody lived to tell. Their luck could have been much worse.

Car pile up

See anything there still somewhat recognizable?

--That Car Guy (Chuck)

Image Credit: Our unlucky photo was found at

Carspotters Challenge #173: VW Edition

What all can you see here?


Okay, mainly an excuse to provide a link to a series of VW factory photographs from 1953. Some of them are rather strikingly beautiful. 

Despite their subject matter. (Yes, I plan on doing a Car Disgust on the VW Beetle One Of These Days). 

Great Cars of Toronto

A business trip took me to Toronto last week,... me an opportunity to sample the automotive world on the other side of the world's longest international border.

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May 2 Weekly Open Thread: Facebook Edition

Greetings, good citizens of Car Lust. I am proud to announce that we here at Car Lust have finally entered the. . . .well, the 2010s: We are now on Facebook!

I know, I know. Probably half of you are thinking "About time!" and the other half are thinking "Trendy pikers." Facebook-cars

Well, you know. Got to go where the eyeballs are. Besides, that platform lends itself to more terse links and posts rather than the full articles that we do here. Think of it as an adjunct rather than a replacement. We'll be linking to all of our posts over there, and also posting particular images or links to stories that don't really lend themselves to full blog posts. 

The FB page is still in progress and we will be adding a "Like us on Facebook" widget here soon so linking to it will be easier. Feel free to comment and share over there as well.

And feel free to discuss this or anything else automotive that strikes your fancy this fine May morning.

Not sure about the web site itself but the image is from here.

1997-2002 Mitsubishi Mirage

1997 Mitsubishi Mirage LS Coupe Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a car that clearly belonged to the category of CarLust when I was in 5th-7th grade when others lusted after Dodge Vipers, Ferrari F50s and Lamborghini Diablos; a car that I often drew in class Study Hall and even used as a writing assignment subject; a car that I daydreamed about making radical modifications (ah, blissful youthful mechanical and economic ignorance…) among other things; a car whose name I respect and whose USDM “successor” I rebuke for setting back 37 years such a proud name; a car whose information –it pains me to say- lives up to its name of not being there; the 1997-2002 Mitsubishi Mirage.

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Carspotters Challenge #172: Mustang in Traffic

Continuing our Mustang theme from earlier in the week, from the ever-interesting Vintage Everyday comes this week's photograph:

Mustang in Traffic Omaha 1973

Titled "Mustang in traffic, Omaha, 1973".

I for one really liked the design of the turning 2nd Gen Monte Carlo. Totally one of my Ultimate Garage cars. 

A Mess of Mustangs

This popped up on my Facebook feed a while ago and wanted to share it with Car Lust fandom. It's from the Vintage Everyday web site, which you should visit regularly or Follow on Facebook. They collect vintage photos from readers, group them together, and post them as regular photo montages around some subject or other. They're very often famous people, though not always in formal photo shoots. But most of them have to do with everyday people going about their business and having some moment captured on film, which is something we seldom get to look at in our media-saturated world.  60's Mustang (9)

This installment was titled "60's Mustang – The Most Successful Cars of Ford Ever" and showcases owners with their 1960s-era Mustangs. The title is actually incorrect if one just goes by total sales (the Escort sold the most worldwide, though the F150 beats even that), but I have always been fond of Mustangs and found this series to be utterly charming for a number of reasons. 

Rather than bore you with an array of facts and figures and narrative on the evolution of the Ford Mustang, I shall just present a few of my favorites from the series and let the interested reader visit the page and see the rest. These to me give a nice cross section of the sort of people who bought those early Mustangs. While we generally associate the classic 1960s Mustangs with the muscle car era, we must remember that the Mustang was first and foremost a (really, the) pony car. It wasn't really a sports car, like the Corvette, it was a sporty coupe, for the most part a redesigned Falcon with a longer options list. Many derided that first year's Mustang as little more than a "secretary's car". . .which, in fact, it was. That was precisely the demographic that Ford was shooting for: Younger, single or recently married, with enough money to get out of a basic econobox and into something a little more sporty, but still practical. Those were certainly not the only people that bought them, as we'll see below, but that was the core group of buyers. 

Either way, as the first photograph shows, people loved their Mustangs. I'm not sure people get that excited about their first cars anymore (or any cars, for that matter) as they've really become almost appliances these days. But back then, when you got your first car, you made sure it was photographed. A lot. Preferably with you, the proud owner next to it. Or on it. . . .

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Pictured above: This is a forlorn Chevy Vega photographed by reader Gary Sinar. (Share yours)

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